Everyone says they pay more.

Learn how we actually do, and how we guarantee it.

We skip the middlemen.

Most diamond buyers sell to brokers or wholesalers, who then sell to retailers. We have direct access to sell right to jewelers, allowing us to pay you more.

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We pay peak-season prices all year round.

Other buyers pay less during times of lower demand. We hold our diamonds until demand is high and pricing is best, allowing us to pay you more.

We recut for optimal value.

Our in-house, certified diamond cutters transform lower quality diamonds by minimizing flaws or reshaping the cut, allowing us to pay you more.

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We offer a no-risk satisfaction guarantee.

If you're not satisfied with our offer for any reason, we'll return your diamond, free of charge—guaranteeing that we pay you more.

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Not selling a diamond? Get an appraisal for your watch or your designer jewelry.

Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, for the health and safety of our customers and staff, we are suspending all new appraisal kit orders until May 15th, 2020. If you have a diamond you would like to sell please contact us directly at [email protected]

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Our Process

Use our online appraisal calculator to get an instant initial estimate.
We’ll send it via mail or you can print everything you need right from the site.
Your shipment is prepaid, tracked, and insured for up to $5,000.
You’ll get our official estimate and offer within 24 hours of receipt of your items—and your money within 24 hours of accepting our offer!